The Art of Social Gift Giving

In reflection of the holiday season, let's talk about the art of gift giving.

January 10, 2019

Hello Hello,

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! With the holidays behind us it can be a good time to take a moment to reflect on the past season’s blessings and gifts …and what that can mean to clutter in our home. Often after the three month stretch of our gift-giving and party holidays (Oct-Dec) we can feel overwhelmed with toys and materials, big and small that have crept into our space.

I have two kids, born in the months of November and September. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and to be honest a little embarrassed at how many gifts my two children had received into our second holiday season as a family with two children. Even more, I felt bad knowing my friends and family felt compelled to spend their time and money on my children, who had so much. By the time my youngest turned three, I had had enough. I knew there had to be a solution to the abundance of gifts my kids received and the feeling of obligation that came with gift giving at birthdays and certain holidays.

I found that solution in social gift giving. Social gift giving is when everyone brings a gift and everyone takes a gift home. For example, my daughter’s 3rd birthday party I mentioned in the invitations it would be a social gift giving party, to please bring one $10 wrapped gift. All gifts were set on the table, when gift giving time came the birthday girl chose first then we went youngest to oldest until everyone chose a gift to bring home.

The beauty of this type of party is you can make it thematic and put a price limit on gifts to be brought. The benefit of social gift giving is abundant. It removes the problem of a child getting too much stuff, it relieves the pressure on parents coming to the party trying to provide a gift, and it will help toys and materials coming into your home at a minimum. Lovely!!